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CalvesWe have owned and operated our 200 hectare farm for nearly 25 years. What began as a sheep and beef unit was converted twelve years ago into dairy and currently milks 450 cows twice a day. Large areas of native bush, limestone outcrops and tranquil streams combined with the undulating terrain and steady rainfall have created a scenic and fertile environment.
There are amazing views from all 
around the farm, on a clear day  Mount Ruapehu,Tongariro and Egmont are all visible. We take great pride in these surroundings and over the years have worked hard at keeping the farm, house and garden well maintained.

Leaving The Cow ShedMilking

GrazingSustainability is an important aspect of farming and we believe to be a successful farmer the environmental needs must be balanced with on farm profit.  Steep sections of our farm have been fenced off and are planted or being planted in native trees. There are also fences around all the existing native bush to prevent stock damage and most of our streams  to reduce nitrogen leakage into waterways. All stock effulent can be spread over 40% of the farm (far more than the recommended area) so ensuring minimal pollution and reducing the need for extra fertilisers.

SunsetLimestone Outcrops

This is a genuine kiwi farm in the heart of rural New Zealand. Here you have the chance to experience first hand the mixing of our glorious native scenery and our heritage as a farming nation. You will be treated as a guest and are able to witness the farm being run without any gimmicks, as it has been for the past decade.